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PyMod 3 is a PyMOL plugin, designed to act as simple and intuitive interface between PyMOL and several bioinformatics tools (i.e., PSI-BLAST, Clustal Omega, MUSCLE, CAMPO, PSIPRED, and MODELLER). The current PyMod release, PyMod 3, has been extended with a rich set of functionalities that substantially improve it over its predecessor (PyMod 2.0), particularly in its ability to build homology models through the popular MODELLER package.

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PyMod 3 runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. It is compatible with PyMOL versions >= 2.3 and has been developed and tested on both incentive PyMOL builds (distributed by Schrodinger) and open source builds.


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A series of introductory tutorials and accurate, in-depth information about all the PyMod 3 functionalities can be found in its User's Guide

Documentation is also available for PyMod3 at the GitHub site.

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Download old PyMod versions (2.0)