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DockingPie is an open source PyMOL plugin for assisting molecular and consensus docking analyses. DockingPie currently implements four docking engines, i.e. Smina, AutoDock Vina, ADFR and RxDock, in an easy and highly intuitive way, thanks to its integrated Docking Environment and GUI. Providing an easy interface to four docking programs, DockingPie is particularly suited as a platform to carry out consensus docking and scoring analyses.

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DockingPie is implemented in PyMOL as a freely available plugin. It has been written in Python 3, and it is compatible with PyMOL version 2.3 (or higher). DockingPie has been successfully tested on different versions of Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu Linux. Its usage on Windows is limited to Vina and ADFR, since Smina and RxDock are currently not supported on this OS.


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In-depth information about DockingPie installation, configuration and functions, as well as step-by-step video tutorials, can be found in its User's Guide

Documentation is also available for DockingPie at the GitHub site.

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