PyMod 2.0

Sequence similarity searches, multiple sequence-structure alignments, and homology modeling within PyMOL.


Installer Bundles

Here you will find the Installer Bundles through which you can easily install PyMod 2.0 and all its dependencies. Please refer to the Installation Instructions of PyMod 2.0 User's Guide to know how to use them.


Mac OS X


PyMod 2.0 Source Code

If you wish to install PyMod 2.0 the hard way (that is, manually, whithout the use of its Installer Bundles) here you may find the PyMod 2.0 source code in a zip file compatible with the PyMOL >= Plugin Manager.

PyMod 2.0 Updates

Check on GitHub for a description of the latest updates of PyMod 2.


If you find PyMod useful for your research, please don't forget to cite:
Janson, G., Zhang, C., Prado, M.G., and Paiardini, A. (2017). PyMod 2.0: improvements in protein sequence-structure analysis and homology modeling within PyMOL. Bioinformatics. PMID: 28158668